Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'M Back after a long stay away thanks to cancer!

Hi everyone. I am going to start posting again soon. Soon after I started this blog I was diagnosed with terminal cancer - gallbladder/bile duct (one in a million). I was given 6mo to a year (if I got chemo). Well as you can see it has been 2 yrs. I am still on chemo and holding my own. I have been concentrating on a web site and blog to help my rare cancer and get the word out.  Thanks for all those that I follow on the quilt blogs  I love to read your stuff and still follow. Thanks and talk to you soon.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fish Quilt

Hi Everyone! Here is my "fish quilt" that I started a long time ago and put away for a long time too! I am determined to finish all of my projects that I have started and never finished this year. It is a baby/crib quilt. Funny thing is I have one more just like it that still needs to be finished.

Tractor Quilt

I have been interested in making boys quilts lately just because I have been lucky to find some cute fabrics over the past year. I am currently saving pirate, and fireman fabric for my next "boys" quilt!

This Tractor Quilt started with a panel front and I just added four borders to it. The last border is blue with tractors on it to just make it bigger than a crib quilt. The backing is a grey background with construction details on it. I don't have an owner for it yet but I am sure some little boy will eventually enjoy it!

Melissa Memorial Fund 2009 Quilt Donation

This is the 2009 Melissa Hess Longe Memorial Foundation Quilt that I will be donating for auction this year. The benefit is April 24, 2009. It is a bright kids quilt with monkey's, etc print. The backing is white with colorful dots. It is quilted with a pantograph.

Race Car Quilt

Hi everyone! Here is the latest quilt that I have been working on. It is a race car quilt for Blake - he is my friends son. It is from the "Take Five" pattern. The backing is full of different types of flags! It is twin size and quilted with a pantograph pattern. (Click pictures for details).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wooden Quilt Racks

Hi Everyone! My husband has made me some beautiful quilt racks to hang my finish quilts and quilt tops. He also made me a thread holder for all types and sizes of thread. From small spools to the large longarm spools. He made me a smaller holder for bobbins and other smaller threads. All of them are made out of oak wood. He did such a nice job so I had him make me a rack for pantographs too! I bought some white poster tubes to hold them in but they are too small. I need to order more. I will then be making labels for the outside of the tubes describing which pantograph is inside. I have looked all over and there was not much to choose from online or in the stores. Has anyone else had trouble finding nice holders for all of your quilts and supplies? (Click on pictures for details).

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tool Quilt

Hi Everyone! Here is a quilt I made for a friends little boy. This is Clark's Tool Quilt! It has all kinds of tools in the center with screws , nuts, and bolts in the borders. It is quilted with an allover pantograph. It took me about a 1 week start to finish! Click on pictures to see details.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pillowcases For Kids!

Hi Everyone! I work in a hospital and unfortunately see many sick kids. I would like to brighten their day by donating pillowcases to them. Pillowcases are quicker and less expensive to make then quilts and they would be a comfort as well. I have about 25 made so far from my stash and would like to see if I can get some donations from other quilters for these kids. I am asking for a finished pillowcase or 1 yd of 100% cotton fabric if you dont have the time to make it but would still like to donate. I don't want to leave any kids out! My goal this year is 100 pillowcases. I would like to distribute them just before Halloween 2009. If the response is good I would like to make this a yearly event in Melissa's name. I have labels to attach to these pillowcase with "Rah Rah Quilts, 2009" on them. If you have your own label please attach it too! I would include your name and post your pictures on my blog and on the card when they are donated. These pillowcases don't have to be anything expensive, just from your stash. They would be for toddlers to teens. Thank you very much for your time and consideration in helping me keep Melissa's memory alive and bring comfort to other kids in need. If interested please email me at


Hi Everyone! Welcome to my very first blog! I enjoy all aspects of the quiltmaking process but I have recently started to do my quilting on a longarm. I am interested in sharing my quilting passion with other avid quilters! I especially like making quilts for kids. I usually try different techniques on crib or kid size quilts and donate these quilts to charities or to kids I know.

What got me started in all of this was a way to make a tribute to my "niece" Melissa. She is the daughter of my good friends Bruce and Susan and she called me "Aunt Lisa". This is a picture of Melissa. She died on April 3,1993 - just shy of her 3rd birthday. She loved her blanket that she called her "rah rah" and it was with her all the time! I am sure it comforted her during her illness. I would like to bring that comfort to other kids in her memory. Hense, that is how Rah Rah Quilts started.

Here are 2 of the quilts that I have donated to the Melissa Hess Longe Memorial Foundation in memory of this sweet little girl! This organization was established in her name to help raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital hoping to find a cure for childhood cancers. I will eventually be making a website for my longarm services but thought I would start here first with my charity work!

Please be patient with me as I learn how to blog!