Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pillowcases For Kids!

Hi Everyone! I work in a hospital and unfortunately see many sick kids. I would like to brighten their day by donating pillowcases to them. Pillowcases are quicker and less expensive to make then quilts and they would be a comfort as well. I have about 25 made so far from my stash and would like to see if I can get some donations from other quilters for these kids. I am asking for a finished pillowcase or 1 yd of 100% cotton fabric if you dont have the time to make it but would still like to donate. I don't want to leave any kids out! My goal this year is 100 pillowcases. I would like to distribute them just before Halloween 2009. If the response is good I would like to make this a yearly event in Melissa's name. I have labels to attach to these pillowcase with "Rah Rah Quilts, 2009" on them. If you have your own label please attach it too! I would include your name and post your pictures on my blog and on the card when they are donated. These pillowcases don't have to be anything expensive, just from your stash. They would be for toddlers to teens. Thank you very much for your time and consideration in helping me keep Melissa's memory alive and bring comfort to other kids in need. If interested please email me at

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